Investment Policy

The objective of the Beacon Investment Management's investment policy is total return, combining growth of capital and income. Assets will be invested in publicly traded securities which Beacon believes to have attractive risk/reward characteristics.

Beacon will invest in equity securities, debt securities, convertible securities, publicly traded real estate investment trusts, mutual funds, and cash equivalent instruments. It is the intention of Beacon Investment Management to maintain diversification of these asset classes and to adjust the allocation over time. We may invest in publicly traded equity securities of any size market capitalization, but the majority of equity securities will be in the mid to large capitalization ranges.

Beacon's return objective for the portion invested in equities is to achieve long term rates of return approximating or exceeding those of well established, diversified, major U.S. equity markets. The fixed income portion should provide competitive rates of income consistent with preservation of capital.

Assets will be invested in a manner consistent with commonly accepted standards of prudence and accountability as embodied in the “Prudent Man Rule.” This rule applies to those who manage assets for others and states that the fiduciary must exhibit sound judgment and intelligence, seeking investments that preserve capital and generate a reasonable return.